Cough Shield helps with WildFire Smoke Cough, Gerd Cough

and most kinds of dry cough.


  • 100% Natural - Organic Ingredients - Made in the NY Hudson Valley!
  • 220 servings of 1 pump each.
  • COAT: Pump 1 squirt of the delicious tasting syrup on your tongue - BEFORE irritation starts - soothes and moisturizes your mouth and throat, coating them with a film of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow in a honey-glycerite base and preparing them for irritants, so you have a more pleasant session - without coughing!
  • ENJOY: Finally a cough-free, relaxing time, guaranteed!
  • REPEAT: Use it once, pass it around, re-apply as needed to stay Cough-Free! Some only need a single dose of Cough Shield for the whole session, while others need to reapply every so often to keep cough from starting.


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