All Natural ingredients:


Honey is a healing food used by humans since the stone age. It is pleasant tasting and has numerous health benefits. It has immune supporting qualities unlike any other food in the world. It is rich in antioxidants fighting inflammation. It acts as a natural cough suppressant outperforming many over the counter cough syrups. It has no expiration date since honey cannot spoil.



A sweet clear liquid derived from vegetables glycerin is beneficial for skin health, digestive health and throat health due to its ability to retain moisture. It applies a smooth coating calming the delicate mucous membranes, easing and preventing irritation.

Health Benefits Glycerin:

MCT Coconut Oil:

A type of coconut oil it has several health benefits. It supports the good bacteria in your gut and it can help maintain a healthy weight. It may reduce risk factors for heart disease and can help manage blood sugar levels.


Slippery Elm Glycerite:

Slippery Elm (Ulmus Rubra) is a traditional Native American healing herb. It has been used for food and its health benefits for centuries. It can heal wounds, burns and inflammation both externally and internally. It relieves coughs, throat irritations and digestive ailments. It can also soothe in cases of heartburn, GERD and IBS.

Health Benefits Slippery Elm:

Marshmallow Root Glycerite:

Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis) is the root portion of a dainty little flowering plant. It has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years and the common candy known as marshmallows takes its inspiration from one of the original herbal recipes to cook the pith and sap into a sticky sweet, that is now produced with sugar only and has no remnants of the original plant. Marshmallow root is helpful for a dry and irritated throat and helps prevent coughing. It also helps repair the gut lining, acts as a pain reliever and has heart and digestive benefits.


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