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We try breathing easier with Cough Shield

Cough Shield
Presented ByCough ShieldPublished on March 27, 2023


Cough Shield
This article is sponsored by Cough Shield. Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

Testing out the cough-busting herbal honey spray that smokers’ dreams are made of

It’s loud. It’s unflattering. It’s attention-grabbing in all the wrong ways. No, it’s not your least favorite shirt, it’s your cannabis cough—and it’s time for it to go.

If you prefer to inhale your weed, either through smoking or vaping, then you’re probably familiar with the unpleasantness of collapsing into a hacking fit when you try to take a big hit. Social smokers will know the embarrassment of coughing far more than anyone else in a group, dodging pitying glances as you try to keep both lungs in your chest. A persistent cough can even keep someone who loves weed from smoking entirely. 

Cough Shield is running an introductory BOGO offer! Pick up a staggering 440 servings for just $29.95.

Thanks to Cough Shield, a game-changing, honey-based herbal supplement, relief for coughing-prone smokers, vapers, and dabbers is finally at hand. All-natural Cough Shield promises to virtually eliminate the urge to cough when smoking cannabis, making your sessions more enjoyable and saving your lungs and throat the aggravation in the process. All it takes is one pump of great-tasting Cough Shield before your hit and you’ll be able to smoke or vape freely, with much less irritation and coughing. 

No mere cough drop, Cough Shield is specifically designed for cannabis consumers to enjoy their weed without the raspy consequences. The magical combo of honey and herbs coats your mouth and throat, pre-soothing the body and repressing the impulse to cough. This’ll enhance your sessions, making your weed go further and hit smoother. 

The folks at Cough Shield are so confident in their creation, not only did they give this writing team a sample to test out, but they’re also offering an introductory BOGO deal on their product. Just head to their website and get two bottles for the price of one. We’ll report back on what we thought about Cough Shield in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at how Cough Shield was developed. 

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