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“The greatest product ever created for cannabis consumers.” Rafael Ortega, 06/21/2022, 07:30.
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The folks at Cough Shield are on a mission to make cannabis smoking and vaping cough free, by making the cough weed causes a thing of the past! 

Familiar scenario: You start a nice toking session, but two puffs in and you are plagued by a tickle in your throat that grows in intensity, until you can’t hold it anymore and break out in a fit of coughing, which further irritates your throat and lungs. Besides being uncomfortable and embarrassing when in company, it is also exhausting and certainly not great for your lungs. Your session is now quite compromised, when all you wanted was to smoke your weed in peace and enjoy! Cough Shield was invented to make this very scenario disappear forever!

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How Does It Stop Smoking or Vaping Cough?

Cough Shield is a revolutionary product with a completely new approach to addressing the unpleasant effects of cannabis on your throat. While we all look for the benefits of the herb for energy, inspiration, mood, mental health, sleep and pain relief, one thing we could do without, is the cough weed can cause, even after the first toke and even for very experienced smokers. The smoke makes your lungs irritated and hurt, which is exhausting and can be embarrassing. 

Coughing is a reaction of your body to any irritants in your breathing passageways. Both smoke and heat can irritate the linings of the throat, producing a reaction from your lungs to expel air forcefully. Once you start coughing, you are much more likely to cough again and again, potentially ruining what would otherwise have been a great session. Coughing is physically exhausting and has the potential to negatively affect your enjoyment of weed.

While vaping tends to cause less coughing than pipe or joints, it is still not the perfect solution. If you want to enjoy weed cough free you need to stop the cough reflex BEFORE it even starts. This means preventing irritation before it begins. Cough Shield coats your mouth and throat linings with a powerful herbal-honey glycerite blend, so it can withstand the onslaught of smoke particles without starting a massive cough attack. Cough Shieldreally does shield your throat, and the makers of Cough Shield actually guarantee that you will enjoy your session with peace of mind and cough free.

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How Do You Use It To Stop Smoking or Vaping Cough?

The idea behind Cough Shield is to stop the irritation before it begins. One squirt of the delicious tasting syrup on your tongue soothes and moisturizes your mouth and throat, coating them with a film of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow in a honey-glycerite base and preparing them for smoke and heat, so your next joint, vape or bowl does not feel harsh and irritating at all. 


Cough Shield acts as a cough inhibitor so you can enjoy your tokes from now on.

This revolutionary new approach and the use of all natural, organic and beneficial ingredients makes this one of the most innovative products to enter the cannabis world in years. We want to smoke in peace and enjoy for years to come, so we need to protect our mouth, lungs and throat. Coughing is a major turn off, so let’s stop it! That Cough Shield is also very pleasant tasting, has no harsh chemicals and made in the US, with organic ingredients, are just lovely bonus points to boot.

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Why Slipper Elm, Why Marshmallow Root? What Are the Ingredients?

Cough Shield is a honey colored, tasty liquid syrup to coat your throat and mouth BEFORE you start to smoke. Its ingredients are all natural and age old remedies to soothe and moisten – combined in a new way and blended specifically to address the coughing concerns of regular weed smokers: 

Slippery Elm (Ulmus Rubra) is a traditional Native American healing herb. It has been used as a food and for its health benefits for centuries. It can heal wounds, burns and inflammation, both externally and internally. It relieves coughs, throat irritations and digestive ailments. It offers superior soothing action and a very pleasant taste.

In this formula Slippery Elm is backed up by Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis), the root portion of a dainty little flowering plant. It has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years and the common candy known as marshmallows takes its inspiration from one of the original herbal recipes to cook the pith and sap into a sticky sweet treat. Marshmallow root is helpful for a dry and irritated throat and helps prevent coughing. It is also beneficial for the rest of the body as it helps repair the gut lining, acts as a pain reliever and has heart and digestive benefits.

Honey is a healing food used by humans since the stone age. It is pleasant tasting and has numerous health benefits. It has immune supporting qualities, is rich in antioxidants and fights inflammation. It acts as a natural cough suppressant outperforming many over-the-counter cough syrups. It has no expiration date since honey cannot spoil. It also lends Cough Shield its pleasant sweet but mild taste.

Glycerine is an oily syrup derived from vegetables that brings moisture to any tissue it coats, therefore shielding the throat from drying out. Its coating action soothes the delicate mucous membranes. 

MCT Coconut Oil provides a thin film to further protect and shield the throat and delicate mucous linings of the esophagus. It is a gentle oil that is used for its moisturizing action. 

Pre-coating before toking is the way to go to prevent embarrassing, exhausting coughs that are getting in the way of enjoying weed the way it was intended. 

The combination of honey, herbs and glycerin in Cough Shield proved incredibly successful preventing his cough and also everyone else’s who tried it. 

Courtesy Cough Shield

Cough Shield comes in an environmentally conscious glass bottle – portable and an indispensable part of your toking kit. It is incredibly popular at parties, since passing Cough Shield around makes you the hero of any gathering – nobody enjoys the dry mouth, scratchy throat coughing sensation!

Each bottle offers 220 servings. One serving per session may be all it takes to make your next session cough free, or some may want to reapply in between tokes as needed, to keep that cough at bay.

Cough Shield comes with a “No cough – Money Back Guarantee” and is shipped nationwide.



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