Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use Cough Shield?

Use as needed - it is important to start off with Cough Shield BEFORE exposure to irritants, to coat and protect your throat. If during your session you need to use it again just do. It is low in calories, delicious and beneficial.

How do I store Cough Shield?

On the countertop - it does not need to be refrigerated and does not expire.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

Yes, in the unfortunate event that Cough Shield is not for you just contact our Customer Service department to arrange a return/ refund.

Why are there gooey globs in my bottle?

Our founder Clinical herbalist Moni Schifler really wanted to create an all natural product, without the usual stabilizers, homogenizers, etc. All those chemical sounding names at the end of food and cosmetic ingredients lists, we do not use any of them - at all. Because of that there will be natural separation in our product - a little shake or the occasional hot water bath is really all that is needed to make things flowy again. The coating action you can see within the bottle is visual evidence of just how good Cough Shield is creating a coating film on everything - including the inside of the bottles. It is completely normal, if unusual, but we are more than happy to embrace if it means we can keep chemicals out of our all natural formula.

My Cough Shield seems to be solid just as I unpacked - what should I do?

Honey has a remarkable ability to adjust to all temperatures - one reaction to cold is that it will crystalize. In case you find your Cough Shield to be a bit gritty simple put it in a tall glass and run some hot tap water around it for about 5 minutes - the honey will once again liquefy and run smoothly through the pump.

Will Cough Shield protect my throat from smoking/vaping related health problems?

While the ingredients in Cough Shield can make your throat less irritated by smoking or vaping, it will not protect your body from the harmful effects of smoking or vaping overall.

Are your products made in the U.S.?

Yes, all our ingredients are sourced in the U.S. as is our product.

Can I use Cough Shield if I have allergies?

You should not use Cough Shield if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

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