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Honey-based Cough-blocker. Enjoy without coughing!


Cough Shield prevents vaping/smoking cough so you can enjoy in peace!

Use BEFORE beginning to smoke or vape - to safeguard your throat with our delicious Cough Shield

Shield your throat

So you don't cough!

"The greatest product ever created for cannabis consumers.", Rafael Ortega. - from  High Times 3/13/23

The idea behind Cough Shield is to stop the irritation before it begins.

One squirt of the delicious tasting syrup on your tongue - BEFORE smoking or vaping - soothes and moisturizes your mouth and throat, coating them with a film of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow in a honey-glycerite base and preparing them for smoke and heat, so you have a more pleasant session - without coughing! 

Reapply as needed to stay cough free! Some only need a single dose of Cough Shield for the whole session, while others need to reapply every so often to keep cough from starting.

Continuous use will help the healing of chronically irritated throat tissues. When you first start using Cough Shield you may have to use it liberally to reverse the irritation. After the first bottle usually you can use Cough Shield less frequently.

  • SHAKE WELL - Separation is normal in our natural syrup.

Organic IngredientsHoney, Glycerin, Purified Water, Soy Lecithin, MCT Coconut Oil, Slippery Elm Glycerite, Marshmallow Root Glycerite.

“I solve problems with herbs. It’s just how I think.” Moni Schifler, founder. Leafly, review 3/27/23.

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"Readers, wow. We can faithfully report that this writer was holding hits that would have left him gasping for air unshielded...the session was totally free from throat irritation and bad hits leading to coughing fits." (read full review, see Media tab)

Leafly Staff - March 27, 2023

***** 5 Stars

“So I was skeptical since everything makes me cough - price I pay for having been a smoker for a long time - annoying but just something I thought I had to live with, but tried Cough Shield and it is so much better. I bought a multipack - keep one at the office, once in the car and one by my bed and I have noticed that vaping feels so much smoother - and I no longer have the coughing fits when I’m on never-ending zoom meetings!”

Mike, NYC, NY

***** 5 Stars

If weed makes you cough and embarrassed like a freaking beginner even after years of smoking this stuff is gold - I use it once and that’s all it takes! And it tastes heavenly!

Hailey, Tacoma, WA

***** 5 Stars


Cough Shield

Cough Shield TM is a Trademark of Cough Shield LLC.

Cough Shield may help you control coughing, however it will NOT protect you against ANY other health problems that are caused by vaping or smoking.

Cough Shield is intended to help with cough caused by inhalation of external irritants. It is NOT intended to cover up coughs that may be symptoms of an underlying problem which may require medical attention.

Please consult your Physician for counter indications or if you are allergic to any ingredient.

Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Keep out of reach of Children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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