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"Readers, wow. We can faithfully report that this writer was holding hits that would have left him gasping for air unshielded...the session was totally free from throat irritation and bad hits leading to coughing fits." (read full review, see Media tab)

Leafly Staff - March 27, 2023

***** 5 Stars

“So I was skeptical since everything makes me cough - price I pay for having been a smoker for a long time - annoying but just something I thought I had to live with, but tried Cough Shield and it is so much better.

Mike, NYC, NY

***** 5 Stars

If weed makes you cough and embarrassed like a freaking beginner even after years of smoking this stuff is gold - I use it once and that’s all it takes! And it tastes heavenly!

Hailey, Tacoma, WA

***** 5 Stars
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