Cough Shield

Cough Shield

The cough-busting herbal honey syrup that smokers’ dreams are made of. (Leafly, review 3/27/23.)

Cough Shield gets great reviews from users, who usually become repeat customers.

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The Cannabis community has been very receptive to the article published in High Times and the awesome review in Leafly. Check them on our website:


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Marketing perfect matches:

  • Cannabis informational sites
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  • Social sites. Cough Shield is a hit at parties, where no one wants to cough!

Program description:

  • Our cookies last 90 days, so you can get paid for reorders down the line.
  • The commission is 20%, and it applies to the total amount of the cart, including shipping!
  • The average order is $38 (average commission= $7.60 per sale, plus possible reorders within 90 days)
  • BOGO offers are available. These offers get huge CTR and conversion.

Great coupon visuals:


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